Book 4 : Exploration (2100-2106)

BOOK 4 - coverLight

2100. The first interstellar journey to Alpha Centauri has been successful, and the next interstellar exploration wave is about to begin.

While the UN and WARSEC (World’s Agency for the Regulation of Space Exploration and Colonization) dispatch exploratory missions to Sirius, Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani and 61 Cygni, the space economy in Earth’s orbit is booming.

V-Space and V-Travel are getting their lion’s share out of it and are planning their move to challenge WARSEC’s current monopoly on interstellar travel.

EXPLORATION (2100-2106) is the fourth book of the WARSEC Interstellar Series, a race to the stars between private corporations and the United Nations Organization. It is a grounded space odyssey for readers interested in geopolitics, science, and the future of mankind.

With 78,800 words and 11 pictures, EXPLORATION (2100-2106) is typically read in 5 to 9 hours depending on your reading speed.

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