Book 3: Exhibition (2097-2100)


BOOK 3 - CoverLight

2097. Phosphate peak on overpopulated earth has jacked up food prices. The European Union threatens to invade Morocco in an attempt to break their monopoly on phosphate extraction.

For Michael Vahlroos, CEO of V-Space, the EU would not have to threaten military force if the United Nations legal framework had encouraged the mining of extraterrestrial resources.

Meanwhile, the World’s Agency for the Regulation of Space Exploration and Colonization (WARSEC) is under pressure to organize a first journey to Alpha Centauri to demonstrate their interstellar capability. Its director, UN diplomat Ralf Åhman, is faced with a dilemma: to follow his moral principles or finance his venture by partnering with the European Air Force, which is about to bomb Morocco.

EXHIBITION (2097-2100) is the third book of the WARSEC Interstellar Series, a race to the stars between private corporations and the United Nations Organization. It is a grounded space odyssey for readers interested in geopolitics, science and the future of mankind.

With 78,800 words and 11 pictures, EXHIBITION (2097-2100) is typically read in 5 to 9 hours depending on your reading speed.

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