Book 1: Regulation (2094-2095)

BOOK1 - CoverLight

2094. The successful testing of the Alcubierre metric makes faster-than-light travel possible. For Michael Vahlroos, CEO of V-Space, this is the start of a new era. Not only will his company be able to sell new spaceships, but it will also spearhead the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources, a must to ensure welfare to our overpopulated earth. Private corporations are the right players to boldly do what no-one has done before.

For UN diplomat Ralf Åhman, however, the added value of private corporations in space is overrated. Has not the failure of the Martian colony been caused by a greedy entrepreneur, leaving the last Martian survivor on her own? Space has to be better regulated.

REGULATION (2094-2095) is the first book of the WARSEC series, a race to the stars between private corporations and the United Nations organization. It is a grounded space odyssey for readers interested in geopolitics, science, and the future of mankind.

With 64,100 words and 11 pictures, REGULATION (2094-2095) is typically read in 4 to 7 hours depending on your reading speed.

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