The WARSEC Interstellar Series

Any individual born today has a decent probability to live in 2094 when the start of this book series is set. How will the world be in 2094?

While any attempt to sight the future is by essence a futile exercise, it is not forbidden to at least have a good time imagining it.

Europe in 2094? What if, as a consequence of Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland have become independent and the UK is nothing but the United Kingdom of South Britain? What if, following economic hardships, the UK has re-joined the European Union, after the former has painfully but eventually become a federation?

The world demography in 2094? What if, despite the most alarming UN predictions, the world population is ‘only’ 10.4 billion, due to dreadful pandemics killing one billion in the 2070s?

The sharing of resources at the end of the century?  What if Morocco has become the only producer of phosphate, a chemical compound needed to produce fertilizer? What if phosphate peak is near, jacking up food prices? What if the European Union is considering to take any action to break Morocco’s monopoly on phosphate extraction?

The consequence of global warming by 2094? What if mankind has successfully reduced their greenhouse gas emission, but too late to prevent the sea level from keeping rising over the next centuries? What if the redistribution of the mass at the surface of the earth resulting from the thermal expansion of oceans has an impact of the earth’s tectonic activity? What if, the sixth mass-extinction is indeed started?

Scientific progress by 2094? What if the academic world is as messed up as today, with funding channeled to ‘impactful’ research only? But what if a theoretical physicist from Congo has successfully unified Einstein’s general relativity theory with quantum mechanics? What if this theoretical breakthrough, put together with new chemical discovery makes faster-than-light-travel possible?

Space corporations in 2094? What if a corporation, V-Space, seeks to take advantage of the recent scientific breakthrough to encourage the mining of extra-terrestrial activities? What if the United Nations won’t let them? What if the UN creates a new a new agency to regulate outer space affairs, or WARSEC (World’s Agency for the Regulation of Space Exploration and Colonization)?

Overall, what if the survival of mankind lay within cooperation rather than within competition?

A cross-genre between geopolitical fiction and grounded sci-fi, the WARSEC saga seeks to answer all these questions through a series of fast-read and entertaining books.

The reader beware: a large dose of alcohol have been used during the writing of these books.

So far, four books have been published:

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